Our Clients

Our extensive experience in executing translation services at several high profile events, and a sound reputation for delivering quality work of the highest standard has enabled us to collaborate with private organisations and government agencies across the region, the United Kingdom and the United States.

Our clients have ranged from the UAE’s Prime Minister’s Office to the US government, from Dubai Municipality to Dubai Police and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Qatar. The Executive Office in Abu Dhabi and the Executive Office in Sharjah as well as Vocabridge UK, have all been among our returning clients, which gives us unrivaled regional industry experience.

Below is a list of some of the events we have worked on:

  • The World Government Summit, Dubai, UAE
  • HSBC Media Round Table, Dubai, UAE.
  • The World Economic Summit, Dubai, UAE
  • Dubai Police Fourth International Conference, Dubai, UAE
  • CityQuest KAEC Forum –“ New Models for Urban Century”, Jeddah ,Saudi Arabia
  • 8th Dubai International Food Safety Conference
  • Training Sessions – US Embassy (HSI), UAE
  • World Energy Forum, Dubai, UAE
  • Free Trade Agreement between the United States and the UAE
  • US Embassy in Afghanistan series of courses for Customs Officers
  • Arab Media Forum, Dubai, UAE
  • Group of 77 and China Second South Summit in Doha, Qatar
  • 14th LNG Conference for Liquefied Gas in Doha, Qatar

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