DPSI now available in the UAE


The Diploma in Public Service Interpreting (DPSI), offered by the Chartered Institute of Linguists’ awarding body (IoLET), is now available in the UAE in a new partnership with TGMC, a leading UAE-based translation and simultaneous interpreting company.

IoLET’s DPSI has lead the field in interpreting qualifications for some 30 years and this is the first time it has been available outside the UK.

The DPSI offers UK-certified training for interpreters who wish to work in the fields of law, healthcare, education and local government and holders of the qualification qualify for membership and have a direct route to Chartership with CIOL.

For the UAE market, the qualification is available in three languages including English, Arabic and Chinese and suits those skilled in interpreting in English-Arabic-English and Chinese-English-Chinese.

By bringing this qualification to the UAE, TGMC and CIOL aim to help interpreters gain recognition while helping to maintain the highest of standards in a thriving industry.

“Candidates who complete this course will obtain the full DPSI qualification, which is regulated by the UK’s Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation (Ofqual),” CIOL Business Development Manager, Dom Hebblethwaite, said.

He added: “Exams will be held at TGMC’s exam and training centre on the same dates as the UK. The first round of exams is in June 2020 and the second round in November 2020.”

Founder and Executive Director of TGMC, Sahar Moussly, said: “At TGMC, our passion is translation and interpreting and we believe in providing the best opportunities for qualified individuals to prosper in this field.”

“We look forward to training a new set of candidates for the 2020 exams,” she added.

TGMC has a 22-year history in the field of translation and interpreting in the UAE and became a UK-certified exam centre for CIOL’s postgraduate Diploma in Translation in 2015.

A pioneer in the industry, TGMC has launched InterpretME, a Video Remote Interpreting app, serving medical staff and law enforcement in the UK providing live interpreters in more than 60 languages anytime, anywhere.

To register for the DPSI exam in the UEA, or to find out more, please contact: email info@transgulfme.com.

Find out more about the DPSI at https://www.ciol.org.uk/dpsi

InterpretMe VRI services are available now in the UAE . Read more: www.interpretmeapp.com

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